Updated 7 Areas of Focus Policy Statements

The Areas of Focus Policy Statements have been updated.

This document will be of value in determining which Area of Focus is most appropriate for club grant applications. It will also be posted on our Grants and Scholarships page on this site.

Documentation Correction for GMS

Please note a needed correction in the TIMELINE:

The 2021-2022 Grant Timeline document needs a slight correction. Actually an important correction. The second virtual GMS is listed as being on March 10. Uh Oh. That’s a boo boo. The date is actually March 18. A revised doc will be uploaded soon, but until then, if you download and/or review that doc, please note the corrected date. We zigged when we should have zagged.

8 Key Grant Documents

Preparing for the Feb 13 Virtual GMS?

Or already working on your 2021-2022 Rotary Grant application? There are 8 key documents you need to rely on to get you there. See them HERE.

Two new files have been added … The 7 Areas of Focus Policy Statements and The Community Assessment Tools.

In total there are 7 documents to preview and use in the February 17 virtual Grant Management Seminar.

Peace Fellow Scholarships

Mike Little has just updated the information sheet describing the Peace Fellow Scholarship application process and criteria, including the necessary clubs and their candidates must take to start the application process. Mike’s contact information is included in this handy two pager.

2021-2022 Grant Documents

Yes, it is that time in the Rotary calendar for your club to begin working on grants for the upcoming Rotary year. Below are updated and foundational (pardon the pun) documents to help you prepare for your grant applications.

Foundation Workshop Presentations:



August 1 Presentations:

If you didn’t have a chance to attend the virtual Foundation Workshop on August 1st we are providing the pdfs of the power point presentations below. The the original slides and the videos of the presentations have been already emailed to the registrants for the workshop.

Shortly, the videos will be available for all to view. More to follow.

2020-2021 Memorandum of Understanding for D7600 Grants & GMS


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Updated Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Sign up for D7600 Zoom GMS

Attire Optional

Please take this opportunity to get into the District 7600 grant world if your club hasn’t been there before. Never before has the district had such a large pot of money to fund grants in the district. The pot had already grown to $208,000 and then $25,000 was added by The Rotary Foundation to help address some of the COVID emergency needs.

The two district GMS offerings are on April 15 and on April 19. Each will last about 2 hours plus a little to time to help some folks navigate in Zoom. You may signup for one or both and encourage those in your club involved with your projects to take a GMS. It builds “herd” knowledge.

Attendees must attend the entire session. Attendance is taken. That is required by The Rotary Foundation.

These are live so you will be able to ask questions through the Chat window and see the grants team District Rotary Foundation Chair, Stephen Beer, District Governor Elect, Judy Cocherell, Grants Chair, Rudy Garcia, Global Grants Chair, Shel Douglas, and District Grants Chair Kevin Yeargin. Carol Woodward will be serve as the proctor to monitor attendance and to track questions & comments.

How do I register?

Go to dacdb.com calendar and select the date you want to take the GMS and, again, you can register for both. Click on the link that is provided. After you have done that and follow the instructions, you will receive a confirmation email which will have the link to the actual Zoom session(s) you have chosen. You might want to flag this email so you can find it easily and consider joining the meeting about 10 minutes early to check your audio and video. See you on the 15th and 19th.

Attendance is free. Attire is optional, but be careful if you are activating the video function :))

Need more info about GMS?

Who you gonna call? Carol Woodward (Prince George). Find her contact information in dacdb.com or messenger her on Facebook.

D7600 Giving Tuesday Today


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April 7 – Today is the Day!

Please consider donating today online to the Annual Fund of The Rotary Foundation on myrotary.org and have your individual donation up to $500 matched with Recognition Points. If you give $100 more than last year, that $100 will be matched 2:1 with Recognition Points. You can just see that Paul Harris Fellow Recognition around the bend, can’t you? Or maybe that next Paul Harris Fellow + level.

Remember you must already have an account set up at myrotary.org as it takes a couple of days for a new account to become active.

An aside-COVID is no match for Rotary

Rotary is beating Polio. We can beat COVID. Take care, be safe!

Cancelation of GMS:


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The March 28 GMS is Canceled:

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak the Grant Management Seminar scheduled for March 28 has been canceled. With the State of Emergency declaration and the advice of health officials, continuing with the in person GMS was really just not an option. Efforts are ongoing to reschedule, but Colonial Heritage and other facilities are not in a position to schedule dates for large events at this time. Accordingly, facilities are not available to host a webinar due to the closure of our usual facility hosts.

Online Training is Available:

There is training available now at myrotary.org, specific to District 7600, which has met with The Rotary Foundation’s approval as meeting the training attendance requirement for a club to be eligible for a Rotary Grant. The information has been supplied to the Presidents-Elect and a district pmail was distributed by District Governor Clenise. A copy of the instructions are provided below.

A couple of heads up type information: You must have an account on myrotary.org and you will need to also enroll at the E Learning Center. All of the needed instructions are on the document above.

What is provided?

The course has a set of slides specific to District 7600 as well as a series of lessons pertaining to grants in general, scholarships, other global grants, and specifics relating to needs assessment, sustainability, and record keeping.

There are a number of downloadable documents, worksheets, and grant calculators included in the instruction module,

The total coursework is about 2 1/2 hours, but most of the learning blocks can be done in 15 minutes segments and you can download a certificate of completion for each segment for your records. You don’t have to take the entire training in one sitting. You can come back later or on a different day and resume the training.

After taking a 23 question quiz (passing is 80%) you can print a grant eligibility certificate. If needed you can take the test again. Also, you can revisit the training module to review specific information.

Cancelation of April 18th District Training Assembly:

The DTA has also been canceled. If and when it can be rescheduled, (provided facilities are booking events) we may be able to schedule a GMS concurrently with that event. At this point, it is not known when or if that rescheduling would meet the timing requirements for the GMS.

Rotary 7600 Giving Tuesday


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Please spread the word about Giving Tuesday coming up on April 7, 2020, when each dollar contributed to The Rotary Foundation will be matched one-for-one.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Contributions must be made to the Annual Fund;
  • Contributions will be matched one to one with recognition points up to an individual contribution of $500;
  • The contribution must be made online on Tuesday, April 7 at ‘My Rotary” at rotary.org;
  • In addition, increased contributions over last Rotary year to the Annual Fund will b matched with recognition points two-for -one increased dollars (see examples below);
  • Your ‘My Rotary’ account must be set up in advance of April 6, as it takes a day or two for new accounts to become active;
  • Paul Harris Fellows + 8 are ineligible for the recognition points, as such points do not count toward Major Donor Status.

This is an excellent opportunity to help move your members to the next level of Paul Harris Fellowship and have your contributions count double. This may also be an excellent time to elevate your club to ‘100% Paul Harris Fellow’ Status- a one-time club recognition. Please let me know if you have any questions Status

Giving Examples:

Joan gave $200 to the Annual Fund during Rotary year 2018-2019 (last Rotary year). This year she gives $250 online to the Annual Fund on Giving Tuesday. She is awarded 200 recognition points for the first $200 and 100 recognition points for the increase of $50, total 300 points.

Phil gives $500 online to the Annual Fund on Giving Tuesday. He decides to do the same this year. Phil receives 500 recognition points and goes to the next higher level of Paul Harris Fellow.

Hector is very generous and gives $750 online to the Annual Fund on Giving Tuesday. His contribution is matched with 500 recognition points (the maximum allowed).

Judy is a new Rotarian and has never given to The Rotary Foundation before. She is excited about what The Foundation does. Judy contributes $450 online to the Annual Fund on Giving Tuesday. She receives 350 recognition points (one-for-one match) and 200 recognition points (two-for-one match). Judy is recognized as a new Paul Harris Fellow.

Stephen Beer District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair sbeer645@gmail.com

A look at the 2019-2020 District Grants:

Variety and value of grants growing:

This article is a reprint from the January 2020 Spirit of 7600, just in case you missed reading it there.

Each year since the 2013-2014 new grant process began, the grant funds available have grown as have the size and variety of district grants. District grant policies have fostered multi-club grants, regularized the grant application process, and auditing procedures have improved the stewardship of district grant funds.

In the 2019-2020 Grant year, District 7600 had almost $153,500 in designated funds to dispense and hosted two rounds of grant applications. The second round of grant applications allowed the District Grants Team to award almost all of the district designated funds (DDF) available. With clubs joining each other on grant projects and partnering with other nonprofits and governmental agencies the total financial impact of this year’s district grants totals $263,364. This represents a significant and lasting impact for the communities in central and southeast Virginia.

In total there were 20 district grants awarded. But three clubs double dipped in interesting ways.  South Hill came back in Round Two to purchase more benches for its project and the clubs of Warwick at City Center Newport News and Virginia Peninsula joined together in two separate district grants. Double dipping is possible, though any given club may not be awarded more than a total of $5000 DDF.

There were 13 multi-club grants in five of the Areas of Focus. There were ten  grant applications which listed Economic & Community Development as the area focus.  One club listed both Economic & Community Development as well as Maternal & Child Health as its area of focus.  There were seven grants in the Maternal & Child Health Area of focus, and one each in Basic Education & Literacy, Peace & Conflict Resolution, and Disease Prevention/Treatment.  There were not grant projects in the Water & Sanitation Area of Focus. In the early days of “Future Vision” the marketing description of our current grant module most of the district grants clustered in the Maternal & Child Health and Basic Education & Literacy Area of Focus.

If you would like to delve more into the District 7600 grants you can visit dacdb.com. After logging in, click on the District Tab and then click on the Grants icon. Your club may come up with some super ideas for your grant projects next year.

Little Free Library

World Polio Day

October 24th World Polio Day

Colleen Bonadonna, District Polio Plus Chair, and Past District Governor Jim Bynum were interviewed by WRIC TV on October 15th about Rotary’s effort to eradicate polio world-wide.Colleen emphasized that though we have eliminated Polio as a health threat in America, polio and other diseases are only a plane ride away. https://www.wric.com/community/rotary-clubs-to-mark-world-polio-day-with-local-events/

A Different Kind of Event

Visit the day-long (10:00 am – 5:00 pm) free exhibition about Rotary’s efforts to eradicate Polio at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture, 428 N Arthur Ashe Blvd, in Richmond on October 24th. There will be many neat displays and experiences:

  • polio artifacts display
  • virtual reality videos of the eradication efforts around the world
  • purple pinkie booth
  • polio banner signing
  • corn hole relaxation area

All ages will enjoy and learn

The Virginia Museum of History & Culture is located next to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts which is also free and open to the public. Lunch and snacks are available there as well as a world class exhibit of the world’s most exciting art.

Alumni Social at 6:30

The social ($5) is provided complete with musical entertainment. Cash bar available. Not able to visit during the work day for an hour or so, come later and enjoy the company and stories of Rotary Alumni.

Virginia Museum of History & Culture 428 N Arthur Ashe Blvd, Richmond VA

District Grants On the Loose


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$245,162 of good in District 7600 communities:

Fifteen district grants have been awarded for the 2019-2020 year. District 7600 awarded approximately $125,000 of District Designated Funds for these grants. That is a handsome figure. Even more handsome is the total dollar value impact of the grants which will be $245,162, based on donations from the participating clubs, partnering organizations, and governmental entities. The projects funded will bring significant enhancements to communities in District 7600 and to one community in Costa Rica. Yes, Costa Rica.

Norfolk (Lead Club) Improving YMCA – Rotary Kitchen

Four of the six areas of focus represented:

The largest number of district grants was in the Maternal & Child Health area of focus with a total of 8 grants. Next was Economic & Community Development with a total of 6 grants. Basic Education & Literacy had one grant. There were no grants in either Water & Hygiene or in Peace & Conflict Resolution.

Virginia Peninsula (Lead Club) Boys & Gril Club

Club projects increase impact by working together:

Of the 15 district grants awarded, 9 were multi-club projects while six were single club projects. Many clubs do not have nearby clubs to partner with, which makes these clubs so much more important for their communities.

Great projects, great partners, & more good news:

There will be a Round 2 of district grant awards. District Rotary Foundation Chair Stephen Beer reports that there is still approximately $25,000 in the kittly. Information on the application and award timeline will be announced soon. Presidents and Club Foundation Chairs, be sure to read your email if you want a shot at a Round 2 district grant award.