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Week left to give to The Rotary Foundation!

There is only one week left for clubs and Rotarians to give to The Rotary Foundation. Out total District 7600 Rotary Foundation giving is lagging behind last year at this time according to Joy Kline’s “Joy” Report.

Is it enough that we just meet our goals?

Well, that may depend on the integrity of the goals set. Just remember that the amount of monies available for district grants in a given year depend upon the district’s annual fund giving amount three years prior. If ho hum goals have been set and met, then three years later there will be ho hum funds available for worthy district grant.

The same applies for global grants:

District giving three years prior also impacts funds for global grants. The only difference being that at least some unused funds in the World Fund can be rolled over from one Rotary year to the next.

So, make the final 2018-19 Joy Report, Joyful!