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District Grant Applications Are In!

A total of 19 district grant applications have been submitted for consideration by the District Rotary Foundation Grants Committee. As in past years the timely submission issues centered around the needed club signatures and submissions of the club MOUs. Mother’s Day weekend was fraught with urgent text messages, phone calls, and emails.

Only five of the grant applications were from single clubs. Forty clubs participated in the grant applications. The total requested District Designated Funds (DDF) was $170,020.

Slide from Grant Management Webinar April 2019

Areas of Focus:

The grant applications catagorized their requests in 5 of the 6 areas of focus:

  • Disease Prevention & Treatment – 5
  • Maternal & Child Health -6
  • Economic & Community Development – 6
  • Basic Education & Literacy – 1
  • Peace & Conflict Resoluton 1
  • Water & Sanitation – 0

Our esteemed District Rotary Foundation Chairs, present and past, need to be consulted, but this may be the first time we have had a Peace & Conflict Resolution district grant submission.

Next Steps:

First, relax for a day or two. Do a little fishing, golfing, cooking, reading, whatever. Put your fee up and have your favorite beverages. Give some quality time to your club as it wraps up its Rotary year. Be sure to donate to The Rotary Foundation by June 30.

While you are doing all of those things, the District Grants Committee will be evaluating your submissions, with heart, but objectively. When they have selected the recipients in the amounts deemed worthy, the 2019-22 District Rotary Foundation Chair Stephen Beer will submit the spending plan to The Rotary Foundation. Pending approval, the block grant should be received sometime in the July-August timeframe. At that time clubs will be notified of their application status

Good Luck!

Photo of Natash House – Photo submittedd with district grant application