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District Giving Tuesday: Get a boost towards your Paul Harris Fellow

Let’s Celebrate Onine District 7600 “Giving Tuesday” on April 2

Giving Tuesday in Rotary District 7600 is on Tuesday, 2 April 2019. On that day contributions to the Annual Fund made online will be matched with recognition points up to an individual contribution total of $500.00. 

To receive the matching points, you must contribute on that day only through online giving at My Rotary.  If you don’t have a My Rotary account you will need to set it up in advance of the 2 April 2019 date as it takes a day or two to be established.

Last year the District raised $52,639.00, a 6% increase from the 2017 Giving Tuesday’s amount.  Hopefully, we can beat the 2018 mark this year.

Remember, only individual, online contributions to the Annual Fund made on 2 April 2019 are eligible for matching points. 

Rotarians who have attained Paul Harris Fellow plus 8 (PHS+8) are ineligible for recognition points as they can only be transferred once and do not count towards Major Donor status.

How to create a MyRotary Account: