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July is change of Leadership month and:

July is also the month when Rotary Districts around the world learn whether the club Rotary Foundation giving goals have been met. The other milestone in July is that clubs learn if their District Grant applications have been approved.

Foundation Giving Goals:

The giving year for 2019-2020 ended on June 30, 2019. However, it takes a couple of weeks to correctly process the donations and make sure the catagories of giving are correct.

Based on her initial check, Joy Kline, now our District Rotary Foundation Development Chair, is convinced that District 7600 clubs met their giving goals. Next week we will know how much we gave and by how much we may have exceeded our giving goals. Stay tuned.

Fireworks of Success

District Grant Approvals:

Stephen Beer, our District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair (DRFC) has announced that the district’s spending plan has been approved. Very shortly, probably next week, letters will go out to the clubs involved in the approved district grants. Will your club be one of them? Stay tuned.

Upcoming District Events:

Many of us will be congregating in Williamsburg tomorrow (Saturday, June 13) for the District Change of Leadership and for the District Awards ceremonies

Please pencil in the following dates and register at your earliest opportunity.

District Conference in Virginia Beach: September 20-23. The Westin at Virginia Beach Town Center.

District Conference 2019

The Rotary Foundation Awards Banquet: November 14. Colonial Heritage Club in Williamsburg.