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The district clubs met their goals overall :))

Joy Kline (Goochland) published her final “Joy” Report after the Rotary books closed around mid month. Assuming there are no late discovered errors or needed minor adjustments, the total annual fund giving goals of the District 7600 clubs were met at the 120% level.

We referred above to the “final ‘Joy’ Report” only because Joy has moved into her new role as the Development Chair for the District Rotary Foundation Committee (DRFC). David Rosenthal of the Hampton Roads club is now the Annual Fund Chair and will continue to provide updated reports.

And now for a few particulars:

The clubs’ Annual Fund giving goals for the 2018-19 year totaled $475,500. The total Annual Fund giving for the year was $571,622 meaning that our clubs’ giving came it at 120%. Way to go, clubs! District per capita giving was $213.

Many clubs exceeded their goals and some clubs fell a tad short, but all tried to support The Rotary Foundation. Good years come and sometimes less than good years come. This year the Mechanicsville club had a good year with a per capita giving level of $591, coming in at a 165% fulfilment of their Annual Fund giving goal.

For those of you who like spreadsheets (and we know you are out there) the Final Joy report can be downloaded below.

Savor the smell of success:

We know a new Rotary year has started, but clubs and especially club foundation chairs, take a moment to savor the thought of all the good that your clubs’ hard work will do in the world. Job well done!