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Happy Labor Day

Labor Day is a day of reflection and of gratitude to those who have worked so hard to give the ‘working man’ a fair shot at meaningful, safe employment that will support a family and contribute to our country’s prosperity.

So today … in that vein … I salute you, the Rotarians of District 7600, who ‘work’ so assiduously to promote and support The Rotary Foundation.  It seems like an endless effort at times, but as Foundation Advocates, Club Foundation Chairs, Area Governors, and Foundation donors we know that the results of our efforts will survive us and that we leave a legacy of doing good in the world.

Thank you.

The Joy of Information

Do you need a side by side of last years’ club goals and giving and  the club goals for 2015-2016? Many of us need a sense of how accurate and purposeful the current club goals are in comparison to what clubs did last year.  Are current goals unrealistically low or high? Do any of the goals need to be adjusted to be more objective?

So for your use, Joy Kline has compiled a Foundation Report July 2015 which provides the Excel Ladyinformation described above.  She has sorted the information by areas to make it easier for Foundation Advocates, Area Governors, and Club Foundation Chairs to use the information. As she adds other categories of giving to this monthly report, we can slice and dice the spreadsheets so that you get the reports in printable chunks. In the meantime enjoy this first ‘Joy Report’ of the Rotary year and think of her caring efforts to provide news we can use quickly. Though Area Governors and Area Governors have access to the clubs’ reports for their areas and Club Foundation Chairs have access to their own club’s reports, sometimes it is handy to have information already compiled.

Joy, a member of the Goochland Club, is a banker.  In fact, she is the Executive Vice-President of Retail Banking at Village Bank.  Joy is a respected Rotary leader and Foundation Donor.  She is a past Area Governor, a graduate of the Rotary Leadership Insititute, a Foundation Benefactor, a Sustaining Member, and a key member of the Development team of the District Rotary Foundation Committee.  She also has a great sense of humor as exemplified by the Excel spreadsheet skirt she fashioned and modeled at the Foundation Workshop above.

Shout Outs

LT. Governor Mike Jallo for his encouragement of the Area Governors in delegating access to Foundation Advocates.  Also appreciate his cheerfulness and great, great sense of humor.

Foundation Advocate Paul Strong for his email about visiting his new grandchild in Florida.

Foundation Advocate Jim O’Brien for keeping me updated on delegation issues and his contacts with his clubs.

Foundation Advocate Jan Rowley for alerting me to a particular issue with her delegated access.

Area Governor Frank Ferrante for helpfully reaching out to me, even though he was in hospital.

Foundation Advocate Dan Jones for his insightful work regarding club and member recognition points.

D7600 DCO Debbie Wall who tolerates our sometimes whiny requests for help with grace and encouragement.

— Have a super holiday.  Catch you on the flip side.