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Where does the phrase ‘dog days of summer’ come from?

If you know … please share.

In the meantime … it is a great time of year for Advocates to shake off the beach sand and connect with the Club Foundation Chairs. Building a one-on-one relationship with each Club Foundation Chair  is just such a super way to cement the connections that will allow you to assist their clubs as the Rotary year progresses.  Pick up the phone, send an email, or join a Club Foundation Chair at his or her club meeting. The Foundation Advocates, the Club Foundation Chairs, and the Area Governors can be remarkable teams to take the District 7600 Foundation Giving and Grants programs to Freedom Tower heights.  No one in Rotary does a job alone.

EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year)

Ken Hodge


Do you say ‘EEEEE-RAY’ or ‘Eerie?’ … doesn’t matter. What matters is that Every Rotarian Every Year gives to The Rotary Foundation. Why?  Because after three years 50% of what is given in one year comes back to the District to support grants, both local and global. We are Rotarians and we are about ‘doing good in the world.’ The District Foundation Committee Development Chair, Ken Hodge, wrote a heartwarming article, EREY is for Everyone, which describes the importance of EREY.  Last Rotary year (2014-2015) 16% of District 7600 Rotarians did not give to the Foundation. This year our mission as Foundation leaders is help every club become an EREY Club.  Are you in?

Delegation of Access to Foundation Chairs

The delegation of access to Foundation Advocates by the Area Governors is coming along … slowly.  It is the dog days of summer, you know.  Lt. Governor  Mike Jallo plans to reach out personally this week to the 6 Area Governors who have yet to delegate access.  When access to your clubs’ reports has been completed you will receive an email notice from Rotary International to that effect.  Plunge in and start accessing those reports, because …

There is building momentum in the clubs to understand and harvest Recognition Points implementing what they learned at the Foundation Workshop. TRF awards a recognition point for every dollar donated to the Annual Fund whether the donation is from a club or from an individual member.   These Recognition Points can be used by the club and by members to recognize individuals and to encourage giving. The information regarding the number of recognition points available is in the reports of each club …  just giving you a heads up. Scope out two articles regarding how The Historic Triangle and the Petersburg clubs have used the Recognition Points in the July and August issues of the Features.  Those issues are in your email inbox and on the home page of http://www.rotary7600.org.

Have a great week.