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Encourage Club Foundation Chairs to register and attend the District Training Assembly.

Foundation Advocates are smart people!  Here is the smartest things you can do in the next week or so —

1.  Encourage the Club Foundation Chairs (particularly incoming Club Foundation Chairs) to register and attend the District Training Assembly on April 25.  Why ….. because it will make your role as a Foundation Advocate easier and it will make the work of the Club Foundation Chairs much, much easier.  At the District Training Assembly incoming club leaders will get role specific instruction that will make the fulfillment of their duties for the incoming year so much clearer.

2.  Register yourself for the District Training Assembly.  Why … you are leading by example and giving yourself the opportunity to connect with your Club Foundation Chairs and others in one fell swoop.  

How to register.  Log on to dacdb.com (dacdb stands for District And Club Database). Click on ‘Calendar’. Scroll down to District Training Assembly on April 25. Click on ‘Register Now’. Pull out that credit or debit card and do the deed.

3.  Encourage your Club Foundation Chairs to log onto 7600advocates.wordpress.com and ‘Follow.’  That way they and you (if you have ‘followed’) will receive this weekly message by email.  Talk about making your role easier.  The blog is open to anyone, but is most helpful to Foundation Advocates and Club Foundation Chairs.

Thank you for all you do  …

End Polio Now Games Soon

End Polio Now Games Soon