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Everything worth knowing is worth repeating!

Three primary questions this week:

1.  What are the responsibilities of the Foundation Advocates?

2.  Where can I find the 2015 -2016 MOU?

3.  Why hasn’t a Paul Harris Fellow donor in my club received his recognition form The Rotary Foundation?

Responsibilities of Foundation Advocates:

We have dealt with the first question at the District Team Training Seminar, the Presidents-Elect Seminar, we likely will do so again at the District Team Training Seminar on April 25th, on this blog and on our website.  In one basic sentence … The role of the Foundation Advocate is to coordinate with Club Foundation Chairs (CFCs)  in his or her assigned area, the District Rotary Foundation Committee (DRFC), and with the complimentary Area Governor to assist clubs in setting and recording the clubs’ Foundation giving goals, provide information on applying for district and global grants, and meeting the Foundation giving goals set by the clubs.

To accomplish those duties the Foundation Advocates must reach out and interact with the CFCs, DRFC, and with Area Governors for given areas.  This topic has been addressed before in this blog below and in the other venues mentioned.  For your convenience  here is a link to the D7600AdvocatesRoleResp-2013cdw_1 and it can be found on the Resources and documents page of this blog, on the Advocates page on http://www.rotary7600.org.

2015-2016 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU):

Here it is … 2015-16 District Grant Club MOU (1).  It and other important grant related documents are located on the Programs/Grants page on http://www.rotary7600.org and on the Foundation Resources page of the http://www.rotary7600.org.  It is also on the Resources & Documents page of this blog.

This question was prompted by a hardworking CFC because his President-Elect professed to not knowing where it was.  One issue which arose was that on http://www.rotary7600.org navigation may be a hurdle.  On the home page there is a menu on the left hand side of the page.  One scrolls down to ‘The Rotary Foundation’.  If you click on that page you get the nice page with Probs’ picture on it and do read that page.  To get to the other pages under ‘The Rotary Foundation’ what one must do instead is let the cursor hover over ‘The Rotary Foundation’.  This will bring up a menu of six pages. That is where you will find the ‘Programs/Grants’ and the ‘Foundation Resources’ pages. Move to the page you want and click.

Paul Harris Fellow Recognition Time-Frame:

This question needs follow up.  You are the local brain trust … how long does it normally take for the Paul Harris Pin and Certificate to arrive at a club? Does it come to the Club address or to the President’s address?

Waiting to hear from you.

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Carol’s Favorite AVI