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Wizard Probs and Ops Chair Clenise

Wizard Probs and Ops Chair Clenise

The 63 Clubs from District 7600 were well represented at the first session of the Grants Management Seminar.  Foundation Advocates (and Club Foundation Chairs, if any of you are following) may be the  ‘go-to’ people for information as clubs begin their online application process for district or global grants.  Other clubs may be in a dither because they now understand they need to be certified as having attended a GMS in order to apply for a global grant.  Tell them not to worry.  The next session will be on April 18, 2015. This session may be attended in person at the Old Dominion Peninsula Center, 600 Butler Farm Road, Newport News, VA, from 9 a.m. to Noon.  Those preferring to attend by webinar may do so on the same date.  The cost for either option is the same … $25. Register for the GMS Second Session on the Calendar on dacdb.com.

Most of the training documents distributed at the GMS can be found on the Programs/Grants Page under The Rotary Foundation tab on http://www.7600.org.

Here are two immediate documents which may be useful for you as you interact with your Club Foundation Chairs in the next couple of weeks … 2015-16+District+Grant+Timeline and 2015-16+District+Grant+10+Things+to+Know+1.1 (1).

This week I will begin my second round of personal telephone calls to each of the Foundation Advocates to see how you are doing and learn what resources you feel you need to be an effective Advocate.  Don’t be afraid to accept my call.  I am fairly non-threatening.