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This Week we have a communication from our fearless District Foundation 100_0497Committee Chair, Jim “Probs” Probsdorfer.

“Greetings to the Advocates Resources Committee and to you hardworking Advocates. Historic Triange Equine Assisted Therapies

The Presidents-Elect (PEs) from District 7600 are attending the Multi-District Presidents-Elect Training  Seminar (PETS) this weekend, February 26 – 28, in Reston, Virginia. You, as club leaders, know that this is the required and most formal of the training experiences for PEs.

 These PEs as Club Presidents will need knowledgeable Club Foundation Chairs (CFCs) to help their clubs be successful and to share in some of the critical leadership tasks. Clubs need noteworthy community and global projects, and strong publicity about those projects to help them attract and retain members.

District and Global Grants are important sources of funds and  expertise for club projects. Generous giving to The Rotary Foundation by club members is the means by which grant funds are available to districts and their clubs for some of their projects.

Grants/projects → Publicity → Members → TRF Giving → DDF $   →  Grants/Projects  

As Foundation Advocates you are the ‘go-to’ persons for your CFCs. In Rotary Year 2013-2014, with your help, District 7600 broke both total and per capita giving records. If we continue this trajectory the district will have vibrant and growing clubs.

Thank you for all you have done in the past for the District and The Rotary Foundation. Thank you for your continuing commitment to The Rotary Foundation.

As the PEs return from PETS they and their CFCs may have many questions for you. Be assured none of us have to know it all. We are all in this learning boat together.

Here are a few suggestions for the next 120 days of transition …

  • Ask the current CFCs for updated giving figures/reports and offer assistance to meet 2014-2015 Foundation Goals
  • Determine who the incoming CFCs will be and offer to help them help their PEs set their 2015-2016 Foundation Goals. Those goals need to be entered in My Rotary/Rotary Club Central
  • Take steps you deem helpful to have names of incoming CFC entered into Rotary Club Central even if that person currently holds that position
  • Reach out to your predecessor for information if you are a new or incoming Advocate
  • Reach out to your Area Governor. Have a beer and compare notes.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Carol, Cindy, Bruce, me, or any of the 20 or so folks on the District Rotary Foundation Committee to ask for help or to make suggestions. We are all on the same team … those doing good in the world.” —


Pensive Carol


Just a thought or two from me … due to our work with the District Rotary Foundation Committee, and perhaps as having served as Club Foundation Chairs, we are building, collectively, amazing knowledge about The Rotary Foundation. We are special.

Have a great week — Carol (woodwardcd@aol.com)