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Oyster Point Donates to TRF

Oyster Point Donates to TRF

The glow from the District Team Training Seminar (DTTS) is still warming me even though we are awaiting inches and inches of snow tonight.  Thank you, Octavia!

 In this week’s message I’d like to:

  • provide some insights from the discussions and information from DTTS
  • describe our Advocates’ communication plan
  • ask for some feedback from you as you delve deeper into your Advocate’s role


The Advocates met separately for an hour and then had a joint session to discuss how to analyze club reports and how to work together.

The top challenges raised by the Area Advocates and the AGs were scheduling visits with area clubs, receptivity or not of clubs to visits from the Advocates, and the obtaining of club giving reports by Advocates.

Advocates, in particular, wanted more information on how to use recognition points. The Advocates and the AGs wanted more information shared by district on grant applications submitted by clubs, as well as grants awarded.

Suggestions for working with the clubs included doing more in one-on-one meetings or calls with the Advocates and AG counterparts in the clubs rather than just relying on club visits, sending handwritten thank you notes from time to time, and communicating how important it is for the clubs to get their information into Rotary Club Central.

Jim Probsdorfer presented many documents. Shared here are two of them.

DRFC Awareness Campaign 2015 would probably be better titled ‘The 2015 – 16 Rotary Year At A Glance’. This one-pager, which was also shared with the AGs in the joint meeting, provides a quick look the priorities for each month of the Rotary year. Columns 4, 5, and 6 are of particular interest to Advocates.

2014-15 DTTS Probs Top 5 (1) is a reminder that our work for the current Rotary year is still ongoing. With your help we set Rotary giving records for the district last year and clubs were awarded over $120,000 in district grants in the 2013 –14 year. We can do it again in 2014 – 15.

Advocates Communication Plan:

  • Weekly updates on the Advocates’ page on rotary7600.org
  • similar post on 7600advocates.wordpress.com ‘Follow’ to get notice of updates
  • loading useful/frequently used documents on Resource pages of both sites
  • reaching out in a respectful way via email, phone calls and personal visits
  • occasional Survey Monkey requests for specific information
  • Features, the District Foundation Newsletter, published mid-month
  • ‘Rotary D7600 Foundation Committee’ page on Facebook.

A request for feedback:

  • would a monthly Advocates’ Conference Call be helpful to you?
  • would a frequently asked questions (faq) page on 7600advocates be helpful?
  • What can Bruce, Cindy, and I do – right now – to help?


Finally … Thanks to Jaime, Paul, Dennis, Jan, Stan, Jeff, Bruce, Lou, and Cindy for your warm communications this past week or so.