The District Team Training Seminar (DTTS) –

Many thanks to the seven intrepid Advocates who came and participated at the DTTS.  DRFC Team at 2015 DTTSLou Tayon, Jan Rowley, Heather Martin, Suzanne Luna, Stan Wall, Cynthia Gregg, and Carl Duffey joined Bruce Settle and Carol Woodward from the Advocates Resources Committee in an hour long breakout to meet each other and share information about the role of Advocates and the resources available. The Advocates later joined in a joint meeting with the Area Governors to learn more about downloading and using the Club Foundation Reports, priorities throughout the Rotary year, and how the Area Advocates and Area Assistant Governors can be mutually supportive.

More information will follow during the week as draft documents from the DTTS are finalized.  Check the Advocates page at or for additional information and finalized documents as they are posted.  If you follow you will get an email alert when there has been a new posting.  Depending on which browser you use the follow button will either be at the top of the page (Chrome, Firefox) or at the bottom right (Internet Explorer).  I am not sure where the follow button is on Safari, but I am sure you can find it if you are smart enough to use a Mac.  Practice tip:  invite your Club Foundation Chairs to visit and follow  It may make your duties as an Advocate so much easier.

Remember to reach out if you have any questions or needs in your Advocate’s role.  I can be reached at,, or at 804-691-8486.