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The Presidents-Elect (PEs) have returned from PETS.  When they recover from the shock of traveling through a snow storm and from being inundated with Rotary leadership materials, many will be reaching out to their Club Foundation Chairs (CFCs) , to their Assistant Governors, and to you for assistance with getting their leadership plans and goals developed and documented.

Status of Foundation Giving :  Find out what each club in your area has achieved to date toward their 2014-2015 Foundation Giving Goals.  You can ask the CFC in each club in your area to provide that information. With that information you can be encouraging when needed or complimentary if the clubs are making significant progress on meeting their goals.  Should it be of assistance you may click ClubFundraisingAnalysis Jan 15 (64)75%.  Each page is the club fundraising analysis for a specific club.  The clubs pages are in alphabetical order so you need only to scroll down to the clubs by name in your area to see how your clubs stacked up as of January 15.  It is only a snapshot through that date, but it may be helpful.

Setting 2015-2016 Club Giving Goals:  PEs received the 64 Club Fundraising Analysis mentioned  above and a worksheet for setting their Foundation giving goals.  They were instructed to use the worksheet to develop their goals prior to going to My Rotary to enter them into the RI database at rotary.org.  The The Rotary Foundation Recommendations which they received at PETS even provided information on how to enter to enter those goals on My Rotary.

Grants/Grants Management Seminar:  The PEs were informed that the deadline for applying for District Grants is May 15.  They know each club must send a representative(s) to a Grants Management Seminar (GMS)  to be eligible to receive a Global Grant but that there is district grant information provided at the GMS as well.  The first GMS is scheduled for March 21 at Colonial Heritage Country Club in Williamsburg. The registration is now available on the calendar tab of dacdb.com.  I plan to attend and I hope you will as well.  It is a great way to learn what your clubs are learning and to interact with them.  If you come I will buy you a drink afterwards.  If you need assistance registering just give me a whistle.  I can walk you through it.  Here is the 2015 GMS Flyer for the GMS.

Don’t forget to check out the Advocates page on www.rotary7600.org for tons of info.

What questions do you have for us.  Carol Woodward at woodwardcd@aol.com, woodward739@gmail.com, 804-691-8486.

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