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Jim Probsdorfer

Jim Probsdorfer

Greetings on this great Monday morning to all of you who subscribe to and read this blog.  The blog began by Advocates Chair Carol Woodward as an experiment in providing important District Rotary Foundation priorities in an informal, accessible, and timely way, without overloading folks with endless emails and phone calls.  We still do some of the latter, but we have cut down significantly on the frequency and length of those emails and phone calls.  The blog, open to all, provides a great archive of time sensitive tasks , and has a ‘Resources & Documents’ page of useful tools and references.  I hope you will encourage others to join.

Three important updates for you:

  1. This week the District 7600 Area Governors will be using the RI developed Delegation Tool to delegate their level of access to their area clubs to their counterpart Foundation Advocates. Both will be able to see the goals, goals progress, and club reports for the clubs in their areas. By Friday, August 14, if you are a Foundation Advocate and do not have such access, please report to Carol Woodward and she will get on it.
  2. I have updated the 2015 Club Foundation Presentation Program Slides for Foundation Advocates to use in an early club visit to brief their clubs on The Rotary Foundation and on the District 7600 goals. Slide 20 allows the presenter to insert club specific information.  Click above or log on to the blog site https://7600advocates.wordpress.com. Click on the ‘Resources & Documents’ page above the title.  You will see the Foundation Slides listed among the other documents and references available.
  3. You will also see TRF_52_Week_Message. This provides short weekly messages which we encourage Club Rotary Foundation Chairs to present to his or her club, one each week, to keep TRF before club members as an important component of ‘doing good in the world.’  It may be updated soon by The Rotary Foundation.  We will let you know when that update arrives.

Thank you

Finally, a thank you for supporting and advocating for The Rotary Foundation.  Let me know how we can make it easier for you to promote OUR Foundation. —- Probs