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AGs Delegating Access to Foundation Advocates

District Governor Gary emailed the AGs on Friday, August 14th instructing them to use the Rotary International Delegation Tool to delegate their levels of access to their

DG Gary with PDG Probs and DGN John

DG Gary with PDG Probs and DGN John

corresponding Area Foundation Advocates.  This will allow the Advocates the same access to their area clubs’ data and reports as the AGs and does not negate the access enjoyed at the same time by the AGs.

Hat off to Area 11

Unless I am wrong and correct me if I am … AG Frank Ferrante of the Williamsburg Club was the first AG to delegate his access to Area 11 Foundation Advocate, Dennis Wool of The Historic Triangle Club.  I plan to treat them both to an ice cream at the first opportunity.  Many thanks Frank and Dennis!

Advocates … What to Watch For

As soon as the Area Governor has completed the very short delegation steps the Advocate will receive an email notification of the delegation.  Advocates, please communicate with me when you receive your notification.  My emails are best …woodwardcd@aol.com or woodward739@gmail.com, but you may also text or call me at 804-691-8486.

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