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Apologies in advance … this update will be slightly longer than promised … might want to save it for reading later when you can kick back with glass of wine or a cold one while you savor this newsy, juicy stuff.

2015 Foundation Workshop — huge, fun success

A shout out to the six Foundation Advocates who attended and to Bruce Settle, Advocates Committee Member who made the day brighter.  The Advocates there were Michael Binns (Area 3), Jan Rowley (Area 6), Carl Duffey (Area 5), Stan Wall (Area 7), Dan Jones (Area 8), and  Heather Martin (Area 17).  The Advocates , who wore colorful leis, assisted attendees to find the bathrooms, the coffee, and the breakouts.  Valuable service.  If you visit Facebook page ‘Rotary D7600 Foundation Committee’ you will see the Advocates (with their leis) peppered throughout the pics.  Michael and Jan are pictured above in the header.

Attached are the three documents prepared specifically for the Advocates , Club Foundation Chairs and other attendees.  To the Advocates and Club Foundation Chairs who attended the workshop, please replace the chart of the Area Governors and Advocates with the one attached here.

List of Advocates & their counterpart AGs:     AG and FA Table 2015-2017   AG’s and Foundation Advocates have mutual goals for working with the clubs in their areas. Reach out to your area counterpart and coordinate the important work you have to do.

Advocates Contact List:    2015-2016 Advocates Contact List  This is particularly helpful for Club Foundation Chairs.  You do not have to do your work alone.  Reach out to your Area Foundation Advocate for all things Foundation.

Communication Plan:   ADVOCATE’S & FOUNDATION CHAIR’S COMMUNICATION PLAN  This document is a road map for some of the ongoing information available about the Foundation and the District in general.  How do we learn what we need to know?…. Being familiar with the information provided on a regular basis is a great start.

What are your orders, Captain Kirk?

Short answer to that question is for all of the Foundation Advocates and Club Foundation Chairs to search each other out.

  • Say hello whether on the phone, by email, or over a cup of coffee (or whatever).
  • Be sure that the Club Foundation Chairs have been entered into Rotary Club Central by their Clubs’ other leaders as the Club Foundation Chair for the 2015 -2016 Rotary year.  It doesn’t automatically roll over if that person was the Foundation Chair last year.
  • Also be sure the Foundation Chairs have been updated in dacdb.com.  If that information is not updated no one else in the District will know who the Foundation Chair is for any given club.

A few comments on Club Report Access and Dacdb.com Access

  • Shortly, within the next week or so … Foundation Advocates will again have access to view the clubs’ foundation goals and giving reports for the clubs in theirrespective
    Joy's XL Skirt

    Joy’s XL Skirt

    areas.  Plan A is to have our RI rep do this for in one fell swoop.  Plan B, if that doesn’t work, will be to do it the RI way by having each AG delegate such access to his or her Foundation Advocate counterpart. Obviously, we are hoping for Plan A and you will be kept informed.  I know how much you all love those reports.  You may remember a monthly EXCEL spreadsheet lovingly prepared by Joy Kline.  That report is also be a great updating resource.

  • All Foundation Advocates should be a level (5) on dacdb.com.  That will allow you to look at member and club databases in dacdb.  It is the same level of access that Area Governors have.  You can tell your level when you log into dacdb.com.  When you are logged on you will see your name in the upper right hand corner followed by a number.  That is your access level.  If that is not a 5 let me know.  Foundation Advocates can find their respective Club Foundation Chairs by clicking on Clubs, typing in the name of the club in the search window provided and then scrolling down the officer list of that club to find the Club Foundation Chair.  If the club hasn’t designated that person, then you know your next step is to contact the President to learn who that person is. You may each of your clubs this way.

Finally — a great thank you to three former foundation advocates

A heartfelt thanks is extended to Wendell Barbour, Jeff Jacobs, and Charles Moncure who served many tours as Foundation Advocates for their areas.  If you have occasion to interact with them, thank them for their efforts.