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Grants With Impact

Jim Probsdorfer (“Probs”), District Rotary Foundation Chair, recently related a short PawPawBushhistory of the new world of Rotary grants to District leaders. This history began with “Future Vision” which was the pilot and transition to a systematic revamping of all Rotary grants. The ultimate goal of Future Vision was to increase the impact made on communities by Rotary grant projects.  Greater impact means a higher profile for Rotary which in turn leads to increased membership and increased giving.

One aspect of the revamped Rotary grants is evident in District 7600.  According to Probs in the 2012-2013 year our District Simplified Grants totaled $46,700. In the 2013 -14 year (the transition year) the District Grant Program totaled $116,000.  In 2014-2015 it totaled  $119,800.  This year the total is $122,800 >>> that’s almost $350,000 in local service projects in 2013-14, 2014-15 and now 2015-16.  Quite an increase from the $46,700 three years previously.

Area 7 Foundation Advocate, Stan Wall

Area 7 Foundation Advocate, Stan Wall

The 2015-2016 Grant Spending Plan for District 7600 has been approved and the District leadership is in the process of contacting the 15 project leads (some of the approved grants are multi-club projects) of their successful applications.  Of the fifteen successful projects most are in the areas of Education (literacy and STEM) and Community Development (often partnering with governmental entities) to provide healthy facilities for youngsters and those with disabilities. More will be published about these projects in the future.

Foundation Workshop on August 1 … a Gateway to Grants

Register for the Foundation Workshop.  Yes, there is still time to register!

Workshop Flyer

Workshop Flyer

Grab a buddy or two and carpool.  When you register you will select Giving, Grants, or Grant Writing.  If three from your club attend you will cover all the Foundation bases.

In the Giving Workshop you will learn the many ways Rotarians may engage in supporting and promoting Foundation Giving which has a direct impact on the amount of grant award money available to District in any given year.  Giving Chair, Ken Hodge, is an inspiring leader, but also knows how to connect with the nuts and bolts of giving campaigns.

Grants will hone in on the criteria, areas of focus, and the definitions of accountability and sustainability which are the keystones in modern grant giving.  SuAnne Bryant is a living, breathing encyclopedia of Rotary Grants and what makes sense ‘grant-wise’  in District 7600.

SuAnne also teaches the Grant Writing Workshop.  This is not only about the writing of the application, but is also about the maintaining of records along the way, and the successful close-out and final reporting which opens the door to future grant awards for a club.

So, share a Saturday morning with other Rotarians in historic Williamsburg  to jump start your club’s knowledge of the world of Rotary Grants.