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District Team Training Seminar (DTTS)

Club leaders for the 2017-2018 Rotary year joined District Governor-Elect John Padgett as they exchanged Rotary 7600 goals for the coming year. Known for his sartorial proclivities John did not disappoint wearing chinos with the Rotary logo embroidered on them, all over them.

District Rotary Foundation Committee (DRFC)

Chuck Arnason led the DRFC in a two-hour breakout of its own in the training room closest to the James River.  The views of the river were only mild competition for the discussions occurring within.

drfc-2017-dttsMany things were discussed but most folks can’t handle more than three things at one time so here are three …

  1. Club attendance at a Grant Management Seminar is required for both District and for Global Grants.  This is a change from previous requirements.
  2. Three Grant Managment Seminars (GMS) will be offered this spring, any one of which qualify to satisfy the attendance requirement for a grant. Registration for all of the GMS will be through dacdb.com  and will cost $20.  Registration now available for the March 25 GMS thanks to the District Communications Officer Debbie Wall.
    1. March 25 – Colonial Heritage Golf Club, Williamsburg, VA.
    2. April 8th – Live Webinar, in person in Hampton or at your home computer.
    3. April 29th – Live Webinar, in person in Hampton or at your home computer.
  3. All Club Foundation Chairs, Assistant Governors, and grant involved leaders are encouraged to subscribe to this blog by email (upper left-hand corner).

There are many more important things to share, but we can save those for another time unless you just can’t wait. If so just fill out the contact form below.