Clubs are stacking up … giving wise

A scan of the District Monthly Contribution Report provided some good news … better for some than for others.

As of the end of December (January figures should be ready shortly), 33 of our 64 clubs were at 50% or more of their annual fund goals set way back in the spring of 2016 for the 2016-17 year.  A few clubs were at 100% or better.  This probably isn’t news to those of you who attended the Presidential Retreat on January 28th.

The total of the Annual Fund goals set by the clubs for the 2016-17 Rotary year came to $476,290.  Understand that some clubs set what they considered safe goals, while other clubs set optimistic or even heroic goals.  So we get that.  As of the end of December, the total Annual Fund giving totaled $229,085 … almost halfway there.

So, thank you, and keep charging.  There may be a club giving Banner for you at the Foundation Awards Banquet.

trfbanners-2017-18Speaking of Banners …

You may recall that there was a small change in the Banner categories in the 2015-16 year. They have been clarified and now there are five basic Banners available for club giving.  The same chart above is available as a pdf for your printing pleasure by clicking  banner-summary .

Chesapeake PETS (Presidents-Elect Training Seminar) on the horizon

So soon our 64 Presidents-Elect will be on the loose appointing committee chairs and asking for input on setting club goals.  If your P-E reaches out to you … please help him or her out, especially if you are a Club Foundation Chair.

Got questions.  Would be great to hear them.