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This article is a virtual reprinting of the message I published in the Spirit of 7600, District newsletter which was distributed on January 30, 2017.  Let me know if you need more information –Chuck


Bills always have a due date …

I hate to pay bills.  I don’t hate buying things — it’s just the fact that I get a bill in the mail pay-billsand have to do something with it.  The first thing I do when I receive a bill is to look at the due date.  I used to put them in a box on my desk and wait until the due date approached to deal with them.  That resulted in accruing late charges on many occasions.  I had the money but disliked parting with it until I had to.  Now that I have electronic banking I can set a future payment date and know the money won’t be sent until it’s due.  That’s just me, I know the rest of you don’t have this problem.

Does your club have a bill coming due?


The clubs that received district grants this year will have a bill due soon.  I recommend that once you have all of your grant records such as bank statements, checks, receipts, pertinent electronic and written correspondence and other documentation, you go ahead and load the records in the “Documents” section of the grants module in the DACdb.  Closing out the current year’s grant is required before you can receive funding for next year’s grant requestYour final report should be filed immediately upon use of the grant funds, even if the total project is not completed.  In no event, should the final report be submitted later than June 15 of this year.  However, to be eligible to have your club’s 2017-18 grant application considered, your final report for your 2016-17 district grant must have been submitted and approved before the application deadline on May 15, 2017,  In the 2017-18 Rotary year, the due date for the final report will be moved up to 1 May to better accommodate the submission of the following year’s district spending plan to The Rotary Foundation.

Please remember that if you have a current district grant and are thinking about applying for a 2017 -18 grant, the status of the current grant will impact the determination of whether you can receive another grant.  Good stewardship of our Foundation resources is the responsibility of all of us.  If you have questions pertaining to your current grant status, don’t hesitate to contact me.  My job is to serve you.

Your District Rotary Foundation Chair,