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Update on Peace Fellow Scholarship Procedures …

School of Business faculty_Mike Little

Michael W. Little

Michael W. Little, District Peace Fellow Scholarship Chair, has just updated the 2017 -18 peace-fellow-scholarships-information-sheet.  This set of procedures outlines the steps and timelines for a club to follow to sponsor a Peace Fellowship in the 2018 -19 academic year. For the academic year of 2018 -19 the applicant must apply for sponsorship by the club by May 1, 2017.   From there the application is reviewed by the district in the May/June timeframe. If endorsed by the District the application is forwarded to The Rotary Foundation in Chicago by July 1, 2017.  Again the application process is for the 2018-19 academic year.

Michael’s contact information is on page 2 of the guidelines or in ‘Find a Member’ on dacdb.com. The guidelines are also on rotary7600.org/The Rotary Foundation/Programs & Grants.


14th Annual Duke/UNC Peace Conference … April 1

This 2017  Conference features the scholarly research of the Year 14 Peace Fellows at Duke/UNC Peace Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, one of the 6 such Centers worldwide recognized by The Rotary Foundation.  Click on  Peace Conference Tickets to obtain your ticket(s).  If you are interested in attending please get your tickets early. Last year the conference was sold out and many who wanted to attend could not get tickets.

Register by March 18 for Grant Management Seminar

A gentle reminder to register now on the dacdb.com calendar for the Grant Management Seminar to be held in Williamsburg at the Colonial Heritage Club, 6500 Arthur Hills Drive on March 25.  We are serving breakfast (a full Southern Breakfast) so we need for those planning to attend by March 18th.  A club must have a member or members attend a Grant Management Seminar to be certified as eligible to apply for a district or global grant.