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To avoid loving chiding from esteemed Franklin Rotarian and District Foundation Endowment Chair, Bill Billings … PETS is the acronym for Presidents-Elect Training Seminar.

Chesapeake PETS

Presidents-Elect from districts across the Chesapeake region gather this weekend in Chantilly for extensive training, idea sharing, and social mixing to help propel them into their Rotary year as President.  District 7600 Presidents-Elect will be participants.

These Presidents-Elect will return from PETS with the mandate to develop their club goals, including Rotary Foundation giving, and development of possible district or global grants.

Club Rotary Foundation Chairs will be on the front lines

These incoming president will be asking the assistance of their leadership teams in developing these goals and plans. Please provide your input as Club Rotary Foundation Chairs to help develop meaningful giving goals based on club giving history and a slight stretch to grow club Rotary Foundation involvement. Your expertise is also important to help guide the development of impactful district and global grants.  Don’t be shy.  This is the year to think big, sustainable projects.Consider recommending joining with other clubs to multiply impact and scale.

Grant Management Seminar

Attendance at a District Grant Management Seminar (GMS) is now a requirement for both district and global grants.  The first GMS is on March 25 at 9 am in Williamsburg at the Colonial Heritage Club.  Registration is now open on dacdb.com on the district calendar and full details can be found there.

dana-gms-webinarIn April (8th & 29th) there will be two live GMS Webinars.  Attendance can be in person or via computer.  Registrations for these webinars will be open shortly after PETS, again, on the dacdb.com district calendar.

To help prepare look at the grant documents for the  2017 -18 Grants.

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