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Are you a current leader … president, club foundation chair, district grant project leader, a committee chair?


Presidents should be registered or should be registering for the Presidential Retreat to be held on this Saturday, January 7 in Richmond.

Tasks for current club leaders to be working on or delegating in the next 90 days include

  • encouraging member engagement with the Rotary Foundation by giving early
  • assigning appropriate club leaders to be working on District Club Award nominations
  • encouraging your district grant project leaders to adhere to grant reporting requirements

Are you an incoming President (current President-Elect), incoming Rotary Foundation Chair, or incoming grant application lead?

Incoming Presidents (Presidents-Elect) should be registered or planning on registering for PrePETS also held in Richmond this weekend concurrently with the Presidential Retreat. Here you will be briefed


  • about  Chesapeake PETS (Presidents-Elect Training Seminar) required for Presidents-Elects on March 2-5, in Chantilly, Virginia.  You should register now
  • district administrative changes to take place in the 2017-18 Rotary Year
  • intro to some of the 2017-18 district and global grant application requirements
  • intro (hands on) to ‘My Rotary’ and District and Club Database (dacdb)

Among your 90 day tasks are

  • confirming that all incoming elected club officers, assigned positions, and committee chairs are entered into My Rotary and into dacdb.com as appropriate (this cannot be done soon enough 🙂
  • setting club goals with your incoming board and confirming that the goals have been entered  into ‘My Rotary’
  • preparing to help your team apply for a district or global grant

If you can accomplish these tasks appropriate to your role then the rest is easy-peasy.