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A look at the next 90-days in the calendar …

It is such an exciting Rotary time of year, isn’t it?  Current club leaders are planning out the rest of their terms and incoming club leaders are on learning and planning curves as they plan for their 2017-18 year. Those arcs are not mutually exclusive.  Cooperation and joint planning will result in a smooth transition.  What’s ahead?

January 28: Rescheduled Presidential Retreat and PrePresidents-Elect Training Seminar or PrePETS for short (an homage to Bill Billings) in Richmond. This seminar is of particular importance to both Presidents and Presidents-Elect as there are joint sessions and separate session tailored to the unique needs of each office.  If you didn’t register for the original event, now is your chance to do so on the district and club database (dacdb.com).

February 10 & 11: District Team Training Seminar at Chanco on the James in Surry County. This is a ‘by invitation only’ training event for the 2017-18 district leadership team. Members of the District Foundation Committee Team will attend only on Saturday, February 11 unless notified differently.  Registration, however, is required on dacdb.com.

March 2-5: Presidents-Elect Training Seminar (Chesapeake PETS) in Chantilly, VA.  Required training for current Presidents-Elect who will be Presidents in the 2017-18 Rotary year.  Again, registration is on dacdb.com.

March 25:  Grant Management Seminar (GMS) at the Colonial Heritage Golf Club in wayne-boggs-and-grant-cosingWilliamsburg.  Any club wishing to apply for a district or a global grant must have one or more representatives attend one of the three scheduled GMS events.  This one is a hiney-in-the-chair-in-person seminar.  There is a great Full Southern Breakfast and ends around noon.  There will be additional GMS Webinars in April. One will focus on district grants and the other will focus on global grants.  You may want to do all three :), but no extraordinary breakfast with the webinars.  Registration will be available soon on dacdb.com for the March 25th GMS.

If you have questions about any of the above training events contact Carol Woodward.  If she doesn’t know the answer, she can get it for you.  Where can you find her contact info? Why, in dacdb.com, of course.