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This article by Debbie Wall (Colonial Heights), District Secretary and District Communication Officer, is the second in a series of three articles describing the steps for Club Foundation Chairs (CFCs) to take in order to access club giving reports. The first article (August 16) addressed setting up an account in ‘My Rotary’ which is the first step in the CFCs having such access.  This week  the article addresses ‘assigned positions’ which is step 2 which must be completed for the CFC to access his or her club reports.  


Who can enter the Club Foundation Chair’s name into My Rotary?

Any club officer whose name has already been entered into the roster of club officers in My Rotary  can enter the name of the Club Foundation Chair into the club’s assigned positions in My Rotary.  The assigned positions are President, Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Secretary (if there is one) the Membership Chair, and the Club Foundation Chair.  So it is likely that the President or the Club Secretary has already entered the CFC’s name.  Ask them point blank if  the name of the CFC has been entered into the assigned position in My Rotary. This is necessary even if the CFC for this year also served in the prior year.  The name of any assigned position must be entered each year.

If you are the club’s Foundation Chair logon to rotary.org. Click on My Rotary. Click on The Rotary Foundation and then on Foundation Reports.


After Clicking on Foundation Reports scroll down the left side of the page until you see Club Giving. Click on View Reports.

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If you can access the reports then you are all set up.  If not, it is likely that the President or Club Secretary will need to enter your name into the assigned position pronto.  This handy guide ‘ how to add club officer  ‘ will make it easy as pie. Share it with your Club President or Club Secretary.

Want in-person help?  Why not give your Foundation Advocate a call.  There are nine of them who serve various geographic areas within our district.  If your Club President or Secretary needs assistance entering your name into the assigned position in My Rotary, or if that has already been done and you need assistance navigating to your club’s reports or using them, your Foundation Advocate can provide that assistance.  For your convenience click Advocates and their Clubs for a list of the Foundation Advocates and the clubs each Foundation Advocate  serves.

Next week in episode 3 pf this series, the Foundation Giving Reports and how to use them will be explored

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