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debbieWallThis article by Debbie Wall (Colonial Heights), District Secretary and District Communication Officer, is the first in a series of three articles describing the steps for Club Foundation Chairs (CFCs) to take in order to access club giving reports. This article addresses setting up an account in ‘My Rotary’ which is the first step in the CFCs having such access.  Next week (August 23) the article will address ‘assigned positions’ which is step 2.  Already have a My Rotary account? Click on Foundation Reports and see what you can see.

Question from Club Foundation Chairs, “How do I get to the Foundation Giving Reports for my club?”

Thank you for asking.  There is a three step process which will allow a Club Foundation Chair to access the club’s giving reports.  Those steps in sequential order are:

  1. The Club Foundation Chair (CFC) must have (or create) an account on My Rotary at www.rotary.org.  If the CFC doesn’t have an account on My Rotary step 2 cannot occur.
  2. The CFC’s name has been entered in Rotary Club Central by the current club officer(s) who inputs data for the club.  Each year each club must enter the names of club members who hold certain ‘assigned positions’.  Those ‘assigned positions’are President, Secretary, Treasurer, Club Foundation Chair, Membership Chair, and Executive Secretary if the club has one.  This must be done each year even if there is not a change in the name of the person holding any given position.  So if the CFC held the position in 2015-16, she or he, would still have to be entered for the 2016-17 year by a current club officer.
  3. Once the CFC is good on 2 and 3 above the she or he can navigate to the Foundation Giving Reports.

Setting up a My Rotary account:

This is the first step which must occur and it means that the Club Foundation Chair, you will need to do it.  It isn’t hard.  It is easy-peasy.  Really. Click how_to_create_my_rotary_account for a step by step guide with pictures on how to set up your own My Rotary account if you haven’t done already.  And share this with club members.  Every Rotarian should have her or his own My Rotary account. It is free and there is so much stuff on rotary.org.

Episode 2 ‘Assigned Positions’ will be the subject of the August 23 blog. Stay tuned.

So, until Tuesday, be sure you have set up your ‘My Rotary’ account and ask your Club President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Executive Secretary whether your name has been entered into the ‘assigned position’ for Club Foundation Chair.

Please leave any questions, comments, or suggestions in the comment section.