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Chuck Arnason

Chuck Arnason District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair

This is the third of three articles, this one by Chuck Arnason, responding to Club Foundation Chairs (CFCs) on how to access and use club giving reports.  The first article (August 16)  focused on step 1 and laid out how to create an account on My Rotary which every CFC must do to have access to anything on the Rotary International website.  The second article (August 23) described step 2 on how a club officer must enter the CFC’s name into the assigned position on the RI website. If the CFC doesn’t have a My Rotary Account, his or her name cannot be entered.  This article, step 3, describes the list of giving reports available to CFCs, what each contains, and how to access them.  The content of the reports are described by the title of the reports and provide the latest club giving information available in different categories.


Thank you to Debbie Wall, District Secretary and Communications Officer for her contribution of Articles 1 and 2 in this series.

Current line-up of giving reports:

  • Benefactor Report
  • Club Recognition Summary
  • Club Foundation Banner Report
  • Major Donor, Arch C. Klumph Society, and The Bequest Society Report
  • Club Fundraising Analysis Report
  • Paul Harris Society Report

The reports give the most timely giving-to-date information available (there can be a little lag time so check back from time to time).  Except for the Club Fundraising Analysis Report, each report provides both to-date cumulative data for the club and detailed by-member giving.

The Club Fundraising Analysis report does not mention individuals and would be a good report to pull regularly and share with the club when the CFC does a Foundation minute to update the club or board on the status of club giving as related to its giving goals.


The Club Foundation Banner Report will help clubs track how close they are to achieving banner recognition at the Change of Leadership and Awards Banquet in the Every Rotarian Every Year and Sustaining Member Category.  To be eligible for this Banner a club must have a donation by each club member of at least $25 and an average per capita giving of $100.

All of the reports except the Club Fundraising Analysis provide individual giving information and should not be shared with the club other than the cumulative giving numbers for the club.

Accessing these foundation giving reports:

This handy document will walk the user, in this case a trusty Club Foundation Chair, through the steps to access these reports.  Again, this is assuming that the CFC has a My Rotary Account and has been entered into the assigned position.  Click trf_contribution_and_recognition_reports_guide_en (7)   and download  this step by step how-to guide.

Questions? Comments? Carol Woodward, District Foundation Ops Chair, woodwardcd@aol.com.