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Don’t forget to share your celebration with us …

The Rotary Foundation (TRF) has been doing good for 100 years.  All Rotary clubs around the world  have been asked to celebrate the centennial. Please share your club’s plans to celebrate The Rotary Foundation’s Centennial Celebration.  We’d like to share those plans here, on Facebook, and on all of the Rotary 7600 Foundation channels.

Would you like some inspiration? This 4 minute TRF video may help.  Click Here.

PetersburgBKDennis Myers PHS

Petersburg Breakfast TRF Recognition Presentation

The Rotary Foundation has recommended that clubs urge each member to donate at least $26.50 to the Foundation as that was the amount of our first donation.  We urge you to up that a bit for a contribution from each member of $126.50.  That will recognize the 100 years of TRF, the commemoration of the first donation amount, and will enable each club to achieve the newly organized Every Rotarian Every Year/Sustaining Member Club Foundation Banner.  What do you think?

Finally, a super hack on how to read the book, Doing Good in the World:  The inspiring Story of The Rotary Foundations First 100 Years, commemorating the 100 years of The Rotary Foundation.  The hard bound book, and it is beautiful, is $40.  Did you know that on My Rotary (via Amazon)  you can order it as an ebook for $9.99?  It is on this writer’s iPhone and easily available for writing newsletter articles, press releases, and such.  Just a thought.

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