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Haven’t registered yet?  Why not?

The Annual Membership & Foundation Workshops are scheduled for August 6 at the Colonial Heritage Golf Club in Williamsburg.  Roughly about a dozen hardworking District 7600 Rotarians are working now on the event logistics, presentations, and acquiring door prizes.  All we need now are attendees.  To date only 51  Rotarians have registered and we have capacity for at least 300.

Flyer1Who should register?  Register if you are a club membership chair or a member of a club membership committee.  Register if you are a club Rotary Foundation chair or a member a club Rotary Foundation committee.  Register if you are a committed club member and want to learn more about how to help your club excel in one of these areas.  Register if you are a newer Rotarian and just want to learn anything you can about the greater world of Rotary. Register if just want to get out of your Saturday rut.  Isn’t it boring spending every Saturday mowing, golfing, watching cartoons, shopping, or sleeping-in.  Sleep is overrated, by the way. Register if just want to spend some great time with other Rotarians. We are such an optimistic, humane, and witty bunch of folk.

It is also a great opportunity to gossip if you are carpooling with other members of your club.  It is hard to gossip gracefully during club meetings.  Sergeants-at -Arms are not very understanding of such things. Make sure you get your preferred gossipers to register so that you’ll have a roiling trip in the car down to Williamsburg.

There are 64 Rotary Clubs in District 7600.  If we had just two members from every club we’d have 128 attendees.  Four from every club and we’d have … can’t count that high.

You get the idea.  The first food count has to be in on this Friday the 29th. Register now, please, and urge fellow or fella club members to do likewise.  Just go to dacdb.com with your credit card handy and register on the ‘Calendar’ tab.  Just scroll down to the Workshops event on August 6 and hit Register Now. Select whether you want to attend Membership or Foundation Workshop.