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a view from indie place farm …

It’s summer or has anyone noticed?  It doesn’t seem so long ago that I was breaking ice on the herd’s water supply. Recently I harvested hay. Soon I’ll be preparing for Fall. Change is natural and on a farm it is cyclical.  The Rotary year is very similar.  A new Rotary year brings new faces, or at least familiar faces in new roles, new Rotary policies, and new Rotary tools.  We have a lot to be grateful for as we plunge into the Rotary year, but we also have some changes to adjust to.  The District Membership and Foundation Workshop is coming at a perfect time to update clubs on adjustments in Rotary policies, describe new strategies, and celebrate our accomplishments. Join us in this evolution …Chuck

Changes to celebrate in 7600 …

Clubs now have increased autonomy and flexibility in how they ‘meet’, how often they meet (at least twice a month minimum), and how they can attract and engage members. There are changes on the Foundation side as well.  There are changes in the EREY and Sustaining Member Recognition Banners which will reflect, slightly differently, how clubs are recognized based on club and member giving to The Rotary Foundation.  Oh, yes, there is the Celebration of 100 years of doing good in the world by The Rotary Foundation.

Where can Rotarians learn about these changes?

Many places, of course, The Rotarian magazine, My Rotary at http://www.rotary.org, and in various newsletters and discussion groups also hosted on http://www.rotary.org.  A really cool place, though, to learn about some of the changes is at the Membership and Foundation Workshops this Saturday, August 6th in Williamsburg.  The registration deadline has been extended to Thursday, August 4th.  Just do it.  Go to http://www.dacdb.com ‘Calendar’, pull out the credit card and register, by golly.

What else to celebrate?

chuckheadshavingDistrict 7600 Rotarians broke Foundation Giving records in the 2015-16 Rotary year. We shattered the per capita giving record with our Rotarians giving at a per capita rate of $211.44.  We also broke records by donating a total of $718,358.  I wrote about this in the July Spirit of 7600, the District Newsletter which published on July 30.  Did you miss it in your email inbox?  Take a look at it on http://www.rotary7600.org.  When similar giving records were shattered during my year as District Governor, I had my head shaved.  I just want to know whose head gets shaved this year?

Speaking of newsletters …

This year there will be one district-wide newsletter, the Spirit of 7600.  It will, however, be chock full of Foundation articles and recognition of generous donors and industrious grant projects.  In your email account you will see an email from DG Diane and the subject line will begin with Spirit of 7600.  If you don’t see it check your spam folder.  You should do that regularly anyway.  You would be surprised what gets directed there.

Tides End Polio Now Baseball Game helps roll up Polio

Dave Mansfield, the Rotary Tides Polio Plus Game Chair, reports a successful event to help raise funds to eradicate Polio …  335 tickets were purchased by Rotarians and friends  and the Tides allocated $4.50 donation each ticket for a total of  $1,507.50.  Add the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation match and the total raised by the Tides game is $4,522.50.  Job well done, Dave, and many thanks to our Norfolk Tides for their generosity. Next week we’ll update with a round up article about the games.