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We are off to a rollicking start: Tally Ho!

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What has happened so far?

The Spirit of 7600 July 2018 issue has been published and sent to every Rotarian in District 7600.  Our District Governor Susan and Spirit Editor JoAnn Meaker braved swollen streams and database outages to get the Spirit published on time with some gentle assist from, now, Past District Governor John and the District Rotary Foundation Chair Chuck.

If you don’t see the Spirit from Susan, look in your spam folder.  If it is there, label it is “not spam” and it should come to your email account thereafter.   If you want to see your club’s name in lights, get your articles and pictures to JoAnn by around the 20th of each month. You may send Foundation related articles to Carol Woodward, but all submitted articles will be considered for the Spirit.

The Rotary International database has returned after a few days of  R and R.  Between the 15th & 20th of July we should have a very close accounting of our district’s giving history for the 2017-18 year.

Dacdb.com took Saturday and Sunday off for some rollover maintenance functions, but it has returned just in time to satisfy all of your unquenchable needs for district information.

What is going to happen?

District Rotary Foundation Chair Chuck and his grants team are in the process of notifying clubs as to the status of their grant applications.  Good luck everybody!

The District Awards and Change of Leadership will be on July 14 at Colonial Heritage Country Club in Williamsburg and you have a few more days to register on dacdb.com calendar.

Your club should #JointheStars or the Sensational Trio of August Rotary Seminars on August 4th.  Click on the link for the Join the STARS Flyer. Register through July 28th for this stellar training opportunity.  Go to dacdb.com calendar and register for one of the three topical seminars … Foundation, Public Image, or Membership.  Yes, you choose only one topic.  Maybe you could get some of your club colleagues to register for the other seminars.  More details will follow, but just think great breakfast, great topics, and door prizes, door prizes, door prizes.

What is new & improved?

The giving portal on rotary.org has been streamlined and it is so, so easy to give online now.  Go to myrotary.org/donate and “voila” you are in the donation portal. To complete your donation you will need to log on by entering your username (usually your rotary email address) and your password.

See you on the 14th in Williamsburg!