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Sensational Trio of Rotary August Seminars:   #JoinTheStars

Register for the summer seminars which District 7600 offers to clubs providing the new ideas and inspiration necessary to have a dynamic Rotary club year. The #STARS are on August 4 at Colonial Heritage in Williamsburg, VA!

Learn what’s newest in specific areas of club functioning:

This year the #STARS will feature three different training tracks, not just two as in years past. The latest best practices and requirements from Rotary International will be the focus in each of the respective seminars … Foundation, Membership, and Public Image.

The three featured seminars are symbiotic:

Our Public Image stories will share the good works of our clubs and of our Rotary bright-starFoundation. These stories of our good works with our will inspire our membership to become more engaged and invite others in the community to become Rotarians or join in the fun as Rotarian partners and supporters. Our stellar public image efforts and our vibrant membership will inspire us and our friends to continue or step up our generosity of dollars and volunteerism in our good works through club projects and through The Rotary Foundation.

Are you up to the challenge to inspire your club colleagues to attend one of the workshops?

The inspiration of others begins with each of us. Register on dacdb.com calendar and be an inspiration to others.

One more request … just one more:

When you have completed your registration for the #STARS, please post on your personal facebook page and on the club facebook that you have registered and use hashtags such as #STARS, #JoinTheSTARS. Then hashtag which seminar you are attending, e.g., #publicimage, #membership, or #foundation. Help us inspire juice for the #STARS .