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#STARS 16 Days & Counting:

Good news.  You have 16 days to register for the District 7600 #Join the STARS (#STARS for short!)

At least 3 members from each club should attend, if not more.  There are three separate seminars and each Rotarian registers for just one of the seminars … either Membership, Public Image, or Foundation. The chairs or at least a member of each club committee in these areas should be present to learn:

  • best practices
    • Foundation led by Chuck Arnason & Team
    • Membership lead by Mike Jallo & Shel Douglas
    • Public Image led by JoAnn Meaker & team
  • latest Rotary International messaging in each seminar
  • requirements in the documentation updates for clubs activities & projects
  • latest grant requirements with a focus on Community Assessments
  • Lashonda Delivuk, D7570 Public Image Vice-Chair, speaking in both the membership & public image seminars

LaShonda in Rotary Magazine (2)

Clubs, a message to all … want to excel in innovative club presence, reporting, and starsvitality … send as many club members as possible to be exposed to and ride the rockets that will send your club to the #STARS.

Register by July 28th on dacdb.com calendar and #JoinTheStars!

When you have registered consider, going on your facebook page and put #STARS into your post and mention that you have registered for one of the seminars.  If you want to tell folks which one use a hashtag, e.g. #foundation or #membership or #publicimage. That will build the buzz for the seminars.


The Rotary Foundation books have closed for the 2017-2018 year.  There will be some adjustments, but it is totally safe to report that in Past District Governor John Padgett’s and District Rotary Foundation Chair, Chuck Arnason’s past year, District 7600’s members donated 1.1 million dollars in total giving. More refined figures will be released soon, but needless to say, this is a B A N N E R year for District 7600. More on the other figures very soon.


Debbie Wall, District Secretary, (seated left) Stan Wall (seated) PDG Bob Preston (seated) & Catherine Garcia. Standing Left  Rudy Lee Garcia, District Development Chair, and Appaiah Ballachanda, (white shirt).  All at RI Convention in Toronto.