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More grant applications, more $ requested:

The District Rotary Foundation Chair (DRFC), Chuck Arnason, and his crew of grant reviewers will really have their work cut out for them.  In these notes sent to the writer, a clear image of the task ahead emerges.

DRFC Chuck reports that 49 clubs applied for 23 District Grants totaling $237,863.38. Unfortunately, the funds available for District 7600 Grants is only $144,000.00.  Some grants may be fully funded and others may be awarded, but at somewhat reduced amounts.

Of the 23 grants, 12 are multi-club  projects involving 38 clubs.  There are 11 single club applications.

Half of the grant applications are “Supporting Education” in some form or another.  Another 25% of the applications address “Growing Local Economies.”

Chuck hopes to announce the awardees by June 21 (TODAY!), 2018, and then he plans to escape to Toronto on the 22nd.