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Winter will soon turn into Spring.  Thoughts will wander and many will daydream about baseball games, cookouts, swimming, and wine-tasting tours, but ..

March through May is a cyclonic time span when it comes to district grants …

— Presidents-Elect will return from the Presidents-Elect Training Seminar with a list of deadlines, dos, and questions.

–one deadline is the May 15 deadline for the submission of  2016-17 district grant applications; another deadline will be May 14, because …

— if that club had a 2015-16 district grant then that grant must have been finalized, meaning all final reporting must have been made to district … or …

— that club’s 2016-17 district grant application will not be considered in the first round of grant award consideration.  But don’t wait til May 14 to attempt to close out a prior grant.

SuAnne Bryant Grants Chair

SuAnne Bryant District Grants Chair

To help clarify this and other particulars, the District will sponsor its Grant Management Seminar (GMS)  on March 19 at the Colonial Heritage Clubhouse in Williamsburg. Registration is open now on dacdb.com on the district calendar.  Cost is only $25.

The GMS satisfies the requirement for Global Grants, but it also provides valuable information applicable to district grants

— an outline of stewardship and reporting requirements

— how to document and closeout current grants

— the in and outs of multi-club grants

— and how to get that Simonize shine on that old car.

If you are a grant involved club or club leader please consider registering for the GMS and encourage a couple of your other members to do so as well.  Share the load.

March 19 – Williamsburg.