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Excel LadyJoy Kline has just compiled her Joy report,  2015 Foundation Report- Dec , which covers club Foundation giving, grouped by area, through December 31.  These figures will convey the status of each club’s giving vis a vis a club’s giving goals. Clubs should really be at or above 50% towards giving goals or have plans in place for how those goals are going to be accomplished. The Club Foundation Chairs and the Foundation Advocates are key players in helping clubs assess and attain their giving goals.


Three or four thoughts for your consideration:

  • District Giving Awareness Campaign  — Article 5 Paul Harris Society  by PHS Chair Bill Stramm has been published and sent to Club Presidents, Club Foundation Chairs, Foundation Advocates and others.  These 5 articles are concise, practical, thought provoking essays on different Rotary Foundation programs and funding.  Suggestion: One or more of the articles may be on target for a given club and help that club hone in on a goal strategy. The Giving Awareness Campaign page at the very top of this blog has a link to each of the five articles.
  • The District Rotary Foundation Committee has identified our resident Bee (aka Jan Rowley)  as a mascot for our publicity campaign of Finish Strong<>Get Ready to encourage club and club member engagement Dana and JanBee at 2015 District Training Assemblyin Foundation giving.  We will be playing on puns such as “Bee a Gift To the World.”  It is fun, funky and has a lot to do with the frequent appearances of our District Foundation Bee throughout the year.  Have some fun with it when you communicate with your clubs.  Suggestion: Wear a bright lemon yellow shirt or sweater when speaking The Rotary Foundation.  A bit of fun is not amiss.
  • The Club Fundraising Analysis, Monthly Contribution Report, Joy Report, Features articles, this blog, and the expert District Rotary Foundation Committee leaders are at your fingertips to assist … just a click, email, or phone call away. Suggestion: Give a copy of the Club Fundraising Analysis or Joy Report to your club president and brief him/her on the information included.  Make it easy for them.

OK, enough for today.  If there is anything, anything…  anyone on the District Rotary Foundation Committee can do to help you perform your role, please don’t ‘BEE’ pi5preeiBafraid to call or email and give us a shout … 804-691-8486 or woodwardcd@aol.com.