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Incoming Foundation Advocates and Club Foundation Chairs (some of you are incumbent as well as incoming) have an important role to play in helping your Presidents-Elect in setting club Foundation goals for the 2016 -2017 Rotary year.  The challenge is to set realistic goals based on club giving history, but including a slight stretch in giving to add motivation and interest to the club effort.

These goals can be guided by the the ‘Club Fundraising Analysis‘ which is one of the Club Administration reports available in Rotary Club Central.  It provides, on one page, enough historical and current giving data to make the giving goal setting much easier.  As the incoming Club Foundation Chair, be sure that your name has been put into the Incoming Officers and Assigned Positions in Rotary Club Central.  The current officers and assigned persons can input your name as can your P-E.  This will give you access to the Club Fundraising Analysis now.

On February 20th there is a free in-person and simultaneous webinar designed for Presidents-Elect, but open to others, especially Club Foundation Chairs, entitled District 7600 PrePETS: Navigating Rotary Club Central-Setting Club Goals.  The in-person seminar is in Hampton from 9 to 11 a.m., but you can enroll and watch the webinar at home in your jammies.  You can register for this free training opportunity on the dacdb.com ‘Calendar’ by February 17th.

BeeuprightWhatever your current club role … if you are reading this please share this opportunity with those in your club who will benefit from knowing about this seminar/webinar.  By ‘Bee’ing a Gift to the World now we can be a greater part of ‘Rotary Serving Humanity.’