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Welcome back from the holidays:

As we enter the second half of the Rotary year and the preparation months for the next pi5preeiBRotary year, we veteran Club Foundation Chairs and Foundation Advocates know we will be pulling reports, following up on promises to give, checking status of district grants, helping set future goals, and generally cheer leading from the front lines. Our goals are to ‘Finish Strong … and Get Ready.’

And think about this …

For a moment let’s remember that as Rotarians we are sharing when we give, whether it is giving our time, talent, or money.  Let’s resolve to be thankful and express our appreciation for the sharing in which our Rotarian colleagues engage.

Gwen Carter

Gwen Carter-Petersburg Rotary

I was reminded of this thought while clearing my desk this morning as I came across a thank you note I had received on behalf of the Petersburg Rotary. The pre-published legend captured the essence of Rotary giving and the handwritten note by Gwen Carter captured my heart. It made me feel so special.

Thanks to you for what you do as Foundation Advocates and Club Foundation Chairs. Without you we could not ‘Bee a Gift to the World.’

And thank you to Gwen for taking the time to bring a smile to my face.