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from the desk of Jim Probsdorfer, District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair …

I extend my deepest thanks to the 64 Club Foundation Chairs (CFCs) for their efforts to encourage members to give generously to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) and for club participation in district and global grants.

CFCs are in the forefront is answering questions about the ever changing world of our Rotary philanthropic arm, engaging with club goal setting, keeping TRF present in the weekly club activities, and in celebrating our successes as we strive to ‘Be a Gift to the World.’


Anne Matthews, Charles Moncure, Jim Probsdorfer, and DG Gary Chenault.

The role of the Club Foundation Chair is so important that this year the District created and awarded the first annual James Pierce Foundation Leadership Award to recognize a dedicated, successful Club Foundation Chair.  The inaugural award was to Charles Moncure of the Innsbrook Club, who not only performed in a superior manner as the Club’s Foundation Chair, he subsequently served successfully as a Foundation Advocate.

It is a dynamic role … inputting data, downloading, anaylzing, and using timely club reports, and just navigating the changing role of the Club Foundation Chair who is now in what are termed ‘assigned positions.’ These are the designated club leaders who have access to input data and retrieve management reports on the status of the cub.

The harder part may be taking the data and using it to help individual members relate to The Rotary Foundation in a personal, committed way.

The challenges facing the CFCs are many and sensitive, but without their efforts serving as champions for The Rotary Foundation, Rotary’s ability to make meaningful impact on the world would be diminished.  So …

Thank you, Club Foundation Chairs.  You are gifts to the world.