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District Grant application deadline … through the tunnel

May 16, Correction  the deadline is midnight on May 16 5 pm  — yes, that is the deadline for clubs to submit their applications for 2016-17 district grants in the online grants module at dacdb.com. The key thing is for each club in the project to have provided the requisite ‘online’ signatures, and the lead club to have provided a detailed budget, a concise, but clear description of the project, the needs to be met, and the required documents.


Norfolk-Elizabeth River Education Project

The District Designated Funds (DDF) available for District 7600 grants this year is $280,000 +/- to be divided evenly between district and global grants.  The grants committee headed by SuAnne Hardee Bryant will vet the applications and provide tentative approval, or not, on grant applications. The district submits all to The Rotary Foundation which has final approval of the spending plan for the district.  Once this approval of the spending plan has been granted, clubs will be formally notified of the status of their grants.

Clubs must at that point be patient and wait for receipt of their funds before beginning work their grant projects other than planning activities.


Colonial Heights Multi-Club Ferndale Park Project

Individual clubs can receive up to $5000 for a district grant project or go in with other clubs and each receive up to $5000 or a maximum of $25,000 for a regional grant project.

The club stewardship continues through the life of the grant as clubs are required to provide interim reports and final reporting when the grant project is completed.

The district grant process allows Rotary Clubs in District 7600 to make a meaningful and lasting impact in their communities.  Projects may live on past the lives of those involved in the project. That is legacy. So now, doesn’t the application process and deadline seem less daunting?  So, let’s roll up our sleeves, boot up our computers, get project partners on live chat, and wrap up the work on those great district grant applications.