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District Training Assembly (DTA):

You’ve heard the term DTA tossed around.  What is it?  The District Training Assembly is ODU Workforce Development Centerthe annual training event for incoming club leaders, April 23rd this year. Most Rotary clubs have a leadership board of at least 10 to 12 members.  At the DTA there is specialized training for Secretaries & Treasurers and other positions,  but there is also an overview of the District Governor’s goals for the year, introduction of key district leaders, and a fantastic breakout for all things relating to The Rotary Foundation, and  many other attractions.  All incoming club leaders should come to the DTA, learn a whole lot, and have a whole lot of fellowship with Rotarians from across District 7600, and have a day off from yard work.

Where and how to register … well … dacdb.com, of course. Scroll down to April 23rd on the calendar, click on Register Now, input credit card info, and you are ‘In Like Flynn’.  There is more detailed information on the Calendar about the event.

Grant Management Seminar (GMS):

On May 7 District 7600 Rotarians have one more chance to get their clubs qualified to participate in a global grant.  You can attend in person in Hampton or by webinar.  Register as above on the dacdb.com  calendar.  However, this is a free event.  The Rotary Foundation requires that the Grant Management Seminars be interactive. Visit dacdb.com to get more details on the event.  Click  GMS 2016 (1) for a flyer.