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Not the Ides in the Shakespearean sense, but the Ides in the ‘there is a lot going on’ sense. No tragedy here, just lots to do to wrap up the 2015-16 year and get ready for the next Rotary year.

Finishing Strong:

The March 2016 Joy Report was published this week showing some good news.  The figures showed that club giving  had jumped from being at 48% towards club giving goals in February to 62% as of the end of March.  Overall that is good news but some clubs are still far away from achieving their giving goals and a couple of clubs are at ‘0’ giving.  Where does your club stand?  Will it ‘Bee’ a Gift to the World this year?

And finishing strong refers to completing and submitting final reports for 2015 -16 grants. We all know that 13051752_1196852390327942_4648846823256220338_nthose grants must be completed and the final reporting through the grants module on dacdb.com before a club’s 2016-17 grant applications can be considered. The district grant deadline is another Ides, March 16th.

Getting Ready:

The incoming Foundation Team lead by Past District Governor Chuck Arnason is putting the finishing touches on the Foundation breakouts at the District Training Assembly this Saturday, April 23rd.  They are planning some handouts, but the documents will also be loaded on this site’s ‘Documents’ page and on the Foundation pages rotary7600.org.  Haven’t registered yet?  There is still time to register on the dacdb.com calendar.

Williamsburg HxTriangle Learning Trees

Learning Tree Grant-Historic Triangle

Just a quick reminder that there is one more chance to participate in a Grants Management Seminar, this one focusing on Global Grants, on May 7, in person or via webinar.  Again, the place to register is on the dacdb.com calendar.

Shout Outs:

To Mike Jallo and Carol Woodward for starting to work on the Membership/Foundation Workshop on August 6, 2016.

To Chuck and Rebecca Arnason and Dana Rieves for attending the 2016 Peace Conference at Duke-UNC on April 9.