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How are our D7600 clubs doing on their Foundation giving goals?  Finishing strong?

Joy Kline circulated her February Joy Report in mid March which summarized the 7600 clubs Foundation (TRF) giving accomplishments through February 30th. The end of February represented about 66% of the Rotary year. Five clubs were near that goal at 66 to 69 % of their giving goals while  other clubs were at lower or higher levels.

The five clubs in the 66 to 69 % range were Hanover County, Henrico North, Huguenot Trail, Petersburg Breakfast, and Suffolk.  Assuming their 2015 -16 giving goals were reasonable these clubs are clubs which are plugging along at a reasonable pace to meet their TRF goals.

Emails and telephone calls are going out to these five clubs to obtain more information about how they set their goals initially, ongoing efforts to encourage giving or fundraising for The Rotary Foundation, and how they plan to meet their giving goals. These clubs may have tips on how to patiently, but deliberately, keep eyes on the ball and work towards the goals.  We hope to give updates on the progress of these five clubs in upcoming articles.

How is your club doing?  If you’re are a Club president, Club Foundation Chair, or Foundation Advocate you have access to your club Foundation Giving Reports on My Rotary and the upcoming Joy Reports will be posted here and sent to Foundation Advocates. A hint … the Club Fundraising Analysis, available when you log into My Rotary, is a great way to get a snap shot of the club’s current giving status and historic giving pattern.pi5preeiB

One more GMS opportunity on May 7 available in person or by webinar.  Focus on global grants.  Check out the dacdb.com calendar.