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Not a lecture on final grant report for 2015-16 district grants, just some tips:

Each club which received a 2015 -16 district grant is well aware it must demonstrate its stewardship by finalizing the grant reporting through the district grants module by May 16.  That date is the deadline for submission of 2016-17 district grant applications.  A few tips from  Jim Probsdorfer, District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair, to that end …

  • collect receipts/invoices/plan sketches regularly during the grant project
  • copy, pdf, and share these documents so that there is more than one repository.  The old adage of backup, backup, backup is a wise one.
  • take photographs along the way and share these on facebook pages, websites, or on shareable platforms like dropbox, icloud, picassa, etc.
  • consider submitting the final report through the district grants module as soon as it is prepared and as far in advance of the May 16 deadline as possible so that if there are glitches they can be resolved before a club’s new grant application is to be considered.

More about pictures:

Emporia Reading Garden Cleanup

Emporia Grant

Take pictures throughout the grant process and create photo ops to capture the spirit of your grant. Photo ops can include the usual getting the check shot, but should also include the grant committee meetings to plan the grant milestone events, Rotarians and partners actually working on the grant project, the intended beneficiaries enjoying the facility/project made possible by the grant.


Norfolk Grant

Then make sure these pictures get submitted through the grants module.  These pictures become great marketing tools for both the club and for the district. The pictures featured here were clipped from pictures submitted by these two clubs in the grants module.

Wayne Boggs wants you to successfully close out your grant.