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May is such a wonderful time of the year.  May 1 is my birthday so the month has always been special to me.

For Rotary Clubs it is also a hectic month … meeting goals from 2014 -2015, setting goals for 2015 – 2016, submitting district grant applications, getting ready for the governance transition on July 1.  It is such a dynamic month for Rotary Clubs world-wide.

Many thanks to the Foundation Advocates who are following up with their clubs on all of the above and offering their assistance to Club Foundation Chairs, Presidents, Presidents-Elect, and to their counter-parts, the Area Governors.  Those who care about The Rotary Foundation are a creative, supportive community.

Thanks so much to Brad Reynolds and Jim Halasz  for reaching out with questions on behalf of their clubs.  Thanks to Dennis Wool, Louis Tayon, Paul Strong, and Cynthia Gregg for their followup on their Foundation Advocate duties.

Louis Tayon

Louis Tayon Area 13 Foundation Advocate

My personal goal this month … to use some of my recognition points to ‘recognize’ some of my fellow club members for committed service to Rotary by boosting them to Paul Harris Fellow level.  Would you like to know more?  You know how to reach me.

To all of you incoming leaders and those now serving … thank you for all you do.