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Thanks to the Foundation Advocates and Club Foundation Chairs in attendance at the District Training Assembly … I don’t know all of the 60 something Club Foundation Chairs, but I am learning that many of the Foundation Advocates are Club Foundation Chairs for their clubs.  Foundation Advocates in attendance were Kevin Kelly (Goochland  Area 2), Stan Wall (Colonial Heights Area 7), Jan Rowley (Prince George Area 6) and outgoing Foundation Advocate Jeff Jacobs (Colonial Heights Area 7).  Jeff and Carolyn, both members of the Colonial Heights Club were honored for becoming level 2 Major Donors.  Thanks to all.

This is a heady time for all things having to do with The Rotary Foundation so the Foundation Advocates, Club Foundation Chairs, Presidents-Elect, and Area Governors have a lot on their plates.  Current priorities are achieving 2014-15 club giving goals, setting 2015-16 club giving goals and entering them into Rotary Club Central, and crafting and submitting applications for District Grants by the May 15 deadline.  Did you know there is still $2200 left over from the 2014 – 15 spending plan?  Ripe pickings for a club that can submit and complete a very focused grant by June 30.  So remember that the Presidents and Presidents-Elect cannot do it all alone.  That is why we are a community of volunteers supporting Rotary Foundation efforts.

We collected hundreds of dollars selling End Polio Now Crocuses, Croci … oh, heck … more than one crocus,  at the District Training Assembly thanks to Boo Elmore and Stan Wall.  Even DG Stephen got into the act.

Our Purple Pinkie Dancing Queen courtesy of Bill Pollard.

Our Purple Crocus Dancing Governor courtesy of Bill Pollard.

Stan Wall, co-chair of the 2015 End Polio Now Games was also on hand to promote our baseball games on July 9 (Richmond Squirrels) and July 20 (Norfolk tides.)  We couldn’t get the official team mascots to the District Assembly so our our ‘Bee’utiful Jan Rowley was on hand to encourage all to turn out for the ‘Bee’ball games in July.

"Bee"ball Jan Rowley, Jim Probsdorfer, and Clenise Platt Promoting End Polio Now Games courtesy of Dana Rieves.

“Bee”ball Jan Rowley, Jim Probsdorfer, and Clenise Platt Promoting End Polio Now Games courtesy of Dana Rieves.

The Next Big Narly (quoting PDG Bill Pollard) Event which all Foundation Advocates, DRFC leads, and Club Foundation Chairs should get on their calendars is the Foundation Workshop on August 1 at the Colonial Heritage Club in Williamsburg.  More to follow.