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Access to Area Club Giving Reports at http://www.rotary.org :

Foundation Advocates will have access to Foundation giving reports for the clubs in their respective areas until June 30, 2015. 7600 Advocates were added last week to a pilot project to determine the efficacy of extending such access to certain additional District leaders.  Not every District has Advocates or similar roles. Log on as usual to http://www.rotary.org and go to My Rotary to access reports. What happens after June 30. We must wait and see.

Access to Area Club and Club Member Information on http://www.dacdb.com :

All 7600 Advocates have Level 5 access to Club and Club Member information for the clubs in their respective areas.  When you log on to dacdb.com (using your Rotary email address and your Rotary member ID number without the 0) you will see your name in the upper right hand corner.  There should (5) following your name.  If not, please contact me.  This access allows you to determine contact information for members in your clubs and to identify key leaders such as Club Foundation Chairs.  This is permanent as long as you are an Area Foundation Advocate.

Other News:

There is still time to register for the Grants Management Seminar (GMS) which will be held at Colonial Heritage Country Club in Williamsburg.  Register on the Calendar at http://www.dacdb.com.  Attendance is required for clubs planning to participate in a global grant.  This GMS will also have significant information and how-to with regard to the on-line application process for all grants, monitoring, reporting, record keeping and so on.

Upcoming Priority Tasks …

  • reach out to your clubs (Club Foundation Chairs) if you haven’t already
  • review the status of clubs’ to-date giving figures with each club
  • assist current/incoming Club Foundation Chairs on setting and entering Club Foundation Goals
  • put the District Training Assembly on your own calendars for April 25th and encourage your Club Foundation Chairs to do likewise
  • ‘Follow’ 7600advocates.wordpress.com and encourage your Club Foundation Chairs to do so.  Will make life a lot easier for you :))

Weekly Shoutout:

  • Louis Tayon, Advocate Area 13, for contributing to his bio for publication in Features

    Louis Tayon

    Louis Tayon

  • Charles Moncure, Advocate 2, for sage advice and info on accessing Club Foundation Report
  • Paul Strong, Advocate Area 16, for his very pertinent questions about access to Club Foundation Reports
  • Dennis Wool, Advocate Area 11, for his assistance with arrangements for the GMS and his instructions on how to build grow-boxes at much less cost than ordering from Garnders.com
  • Carl Duffey, Advocate Area 5) for reaching out about Benefactor Donor Forms
  • to Incoming Area Governor for Area 2, Bonnie Field, for her leg work and recommendations as to the incoming Area 2 Advocate (to be announced later)
  • And to Area Governor for Area 11, Frank Ferrante, for always responding to my requests for help.  Hope you are continuing your return to good health.

I’ll see you on the flip side …

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