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Peace Fellow Graduates are Alumni!

The first peace fellow graduating class was in 2004. There are 1235 living alumni from the peace fellow programs through 2019 (excluding the 2018-19 class at Bradford University. Almost all of the graduates have provided employment information to Rotary International at least once. Here are some employment tidbits from those updates.

Bill Rintz, Alumni Relations Specialist for Rotary Peace Fellows, provided an update on peace fellow graduates via Mark Zober on the Rotary International Federation of Rotarian Editors and Publishers (Rotary IFREP) Facebook Group recently.

  • 38% work for NGOs or other peace-related organizations
  • 14% work for governments or the military 
  • 10% are teachers or professors
  • 7% work in research or other academic positions
  • 5% are in advanced degree programs
  • 5% work for UN agencies
  • 3% are lawyers
  • 3% are in law enforcement
  • 1% work for the World Bank
  • 7% do not fit into easily described categories
  • 5% are in an employment search mode.

Do any of these figures surprise you? Have any ideas about how these peace fellows are distributed around the world?

Vadim Ostrovsky (3rd from right), Peace Fellow Alumni, honored at the Warwick at City Center Newport News Club in 2918. Vadim works in the Richmond area.

The featured image of the Rotary Peace Doves is by Debbie Vance and the photo of the Rotarians and Vadim Ostrovsky is by Carol Woodward.